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About Mamajuana

The Mamajuana Cafe concept blossomed in 2006 amidst the vibrant streets of Inwood, New York City, nestled within the heart of a traditionally Dominican neighborhood. Inspired by the enchanting architecture of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, our founders envisioned a culinary journey that harmoniously melds the rich spices and ingredients of old-world Latino traditions with the innovative flair of modern Asian culinary arts. Since its inception, Mamajuana Cafe has flourished, now boasting 11 thriving locations. Our latest venture in Houston is a testament to our commitment, helmed by a passionate Latino family dedicated to infusing the downtown district with the authentic taste, spirited atmosphere, and about vibrant energy of their native lands, all with a contemporary twist.

Flavors of Tradition, Innovations of Today

Mamajuana Cafe is renowned for its tantalizing and ingeniously inventive latino cuisine. Our culinary artisans craft dishes that marry time-honored traditional recipes with delightful new interpretations. From handcrafted sauces representing the rich flavors of the Dominican Republic to the diverse influences from Colombia, each plate reflects the authentic essence of Caribbean Hispanic and South American culinary traditions.

A Culinary Fusion Experience

Step into our world and indulge in an extensive and highly creative cocktail menu. Paired with a superb wine selection and personalized, prideful service, Mamajuana Cafe offers a holistic experience—fusing world-class cuisine with entertainment, all under one roof.

Savor the Blend of History, Flavor, and Innovation

Join us to savor the fusion of history, flavor, and innovation, where every dish tells a story, and every visit promises an unforgettable blend of gastronomic excellence and entertainment. Mamajuana Cafe is your one-stop destination for a culinary adventure that transcends borders and delights the senses.

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